Energizer RP10 Premium Dairy Fat

horizontal ruleEnergizer RP10 is a premium dairy fat for use in a nutritional strategy for boosting milk fat and ensuring good body condition. It’s a pure fat, free from carriers and trans-fatty acids.

There are four distinct advantages that set Energizer RP10 apart from other C16 (Palmitic Acid) premium fat sources:

Its freshness. Made to order in Malaysia from recently picked palm fruit, the fat is quickly manufactured and delivered to Canada, often within a 4-5 week period. For vegetable-based oil, freshness is key to getting the results you expect.

It’s a flake. A flake has more surface area than a prill.

It’s research-proven. Energizer RP10 has independent university research-based trials to support its claims of purity and efficacy. It has been featured in peer reviewed studies in the Journal of Dairy Science, setting it apart from other Palmitic Acid-based fats.

Its high content of C16. It is guaranteed to contain 85% of C16, and often tests above 90%.

Natural and transfat free. Energizer RP10 is a premium fat made from the oils of freshly picked palm fruit. Energizer RP10 is high in Palmitic acid, a 100% vegetable oil that promotes butterfat yields.

Energizer RP10

NutrientTypical Analysis
Moisture, %1
Total Fat Matter, %99
C16:0 (Palmitic), %90 (85 Min)
C18:0 (Stearic), %2 (5 Max)
NEL, MJ/KG25.5
Melting Point58 C

Download the Energizer RP10 Data Sheet


Fat is included in dairy cow diets for its high energy density to provide the animal with the energy needed to regain body condition, support high levels of butterfat yield and retain regular reproductive functions.

Product Description

Energizer RP10 is a premium fat produced from palm oil using the latest in fat processing technology. Based on long-chain, saturated free fatty acids, Energizer RP10 is in the form of free-flowing flake with no objectionable odor or taste.


Color/ Aroma
White. Neutral Odour.

25 kg bags.
625 kg tote bags.

Typical Feed Rate (Kg/head)
Lactating: 300 g to 500 g
Calf: 50 g

Bulk Density
470-480 kg/m3

The product is available countrywide and can be delivered quickly to farm or a warehouse by the pallet or container.

For more information contact sales@scothornnutrition.com

For more information on feeding rumen bypass fats, please review this article, Rumen bypass fats: More than just energy sources, produced in the Progressive Dairyman’s Feb. 1, 2016 edition by Dwain Bunting.

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